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We give You what You want.


Motorhomes that are a class above the rest..


Experts in Refurbishing Caravans




Our Refurb work is a cut above the rest.




We do outstanding work on 5th Wheelers...


Experts in RV repairs


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Lifestyle Motorhomes

Conversions, Refurbishments & Repairs

Lifestyle Motorhomes are leading experts in refurbishment and repairs of Recreational Vehicles (RV's) in New Zealand. Based in Ashburton, we complete bus conversions and refurbish all manner of RV's, caravans, campervans, horse floats, trailers and 5th wheelers. With our experienced team, we are specialists in RV, campervan and caravan repairs, including insurance work. We will repair anything and everything on your vehicle that’s not mechanical.

Our goal is simple. To give you what you want in your RV. Just tell us your budget and we’ll find a way to make it happen. We have an experienced in-house team of tradespeople and craftsmen who are able to Build, Refurbish or Repair just about any RV style or design. We are proud to share our passion and make your motorhome dream come true. What does all this mean for you? We have fulfilled the dreams of so many customers that we now proudly announce:

“We are the best at refurbishment and repairs to RV's in New Zealand” 




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Lifestyle Motorhomes Ltd

Corner Dobson Street & Chalmers Avenue


Phone: 03 308 6627


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